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Calanca Biennale was born in the beginning of 2017 with the phrase:
“A vertical valley made of stone, meets horizontal countries made of sand”.

This phrase encompasses the idea and goals of Calanca Biennale.This vertical valley made of stone is one which is not treated with pesticides and is not undergoing industrial deforestation. In the previous century Calanca was a poor territory defined by emigration, today it is a precious small green lung that welcomes visitors. Calanca Biennale is an show case of contemporary art that shows off a new aspect of the valley each time:

  • In 2019 we displayed the vast height differences of the mountain ranges
  • In 2021 the pandemic year in which we could not meet
  • In 2023 our sky
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Calanca Biennale exports a message of brotherhood, of belonging to the planet

I 6 progetti della Biennale 2023

  • Pubblicazione catalogo
  • Pubblicazione libro per l’infanzia
  • Coltivazione di zafferano a Rossa
  • Lune in vetroresina decorate dai ragazzi delle scuole della Regione Moesa
  • Illustrazione grafica internazionale stampata su pannelli
  • Video realizzato nella cava di pietra naturale della Calanca

The 6 projects of the Biennale 2023

In this 2023 edition we will talk about the sky. Our planet is immersed in an atmosphere that we all call the sky.The same sky but different for every region, depending on the distance from the Equator, the current point of the Earth’s annual circumnavigation around the sun. On the intensity of light pollution, the level of pollution in the atmosphere and the current war situation.To talk about the sky we have chosen the moon, our satellite, our natural nocturnal light. An immense subject matters for an artistic cultural event.

The agency NASA is preparing for the upcoming 2024 a second manned lunar program called Artemis, whose captain will be a woman. A trip twinned with the first Apollo mission of 1969.In a similar timeframe we are expecting to see the DEAR MOON mission, which will be the first civilian lunar mission crewed by artists.

Calanca Biennale will be ready with all its six projects to be followed online, visited in person and to participate with other twin projects.

2. Publication of a children's book


Fifteen illustrations accompanied by a text in three different languages that show some countries of the world. This book is dedicated to children who for any reason are prisoners

- of their own body due to disease
- of their own mind due to autism
- due to emigration, children that flee from countries at war who end up in refugees camps.

These children might not ever have the chance to see these places. Maybe this book will make them dream for a while.

View the book 'Dalla Luna con Amore'."

3. Saffron cultivation in Rossa


Saffron, the spice of Iran, also known as red gold is considered the flower of the Moon because the harvest must be done in the light of the Moon. This project will be managed in partnership with the Azienda Forestale Calanca and ORO who cutivates organic saffron in the Khorasan region. Calanca Biennale will cultivate a little garden at the end of the valley, in RossaThe bulbs will blossom for three years, a small production that will remain in the valley for the future.

4. Fiberglass moons decorated by students from schools in the Moesa Region


Moons is a project involving schools of the Regione Moesa. A company specialized in glass resin has created a prototype moon. Fifty moons have been delivered to classes, each one will create their own moon. During the season, Calanca Biennale will organize some exhibition.

5. International graphic illustration printed on panels


Calanca Biennale proposes to the individual communities of Moesano to exhibit a monography contained in this catalog. Each monography is a collection of related artworks that will be printed on forex for outdoor with different themes MOON, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, GIVE UKRAINE A CHANCE and GIVE IRAN A CHANCE.Each community decides how and when to celebrate the Biennale.Instead of a single spark, many little flames spread through the region that light up on different dates throughout the season. The calendar will be managed by Calanca Biennale, by the Tourism office and by Pro Grigioni Italiano.

6. Video filmed in the natural stone quarry of Calanca


The creation of a sculpture in Gneiss representing the Earth and the Moon will take place in the stone quarry of Arvigo. This idea goes beyond art, filming the three phases of the sculpure.
- Extraction of a two hundred and heighty ton raw stone
- Different techniques of sculpting the stone
- Explosion

The public will be invited to watch the video on some organized occasions. The message of this performance is that nobody owns anything, not the sculpture, the Earth nor the Moon.

Concept             Adria Nabekle
Directed by        Afshin Nazarieh
Powered by        Unforgettable

Nell’edizione del 2023 parliamo di cielo. Il nostro pianeta è immerso in un’atmosfera che tutti chiamiamo cielo, uguale ma diverso per tutti, secondo la vicinanza all’equatore, all’intensità di illuminazione artificiale e al tasso d’inquinamento dell’atmosfera terrestre, al punto di circumnavigazione dal sole.

Per parlare del cielo abbiamo scelto la luna, il nostro satellite, la nostra luce notturna naturale. Tutti conoscono la luna, tutti i popoli e culture hanno tributato simboli e miti alla luna.

Un materiale immenso per un evento d’arte e di cultura.Se non ci fosse la Luna, la vita sul nostro pianeta sarebbe diversa, forse invivibile. Niente luce naturale notturna, no maree, no cicli per la crescita e le coltivazioni.


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Contact Calanca Biennale.

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The curator
Adria Nabekle



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The story

“Una valle verticale fatta di sassi, incontra altri paesi orizzontali fatti di sabbia”

Questa frase racchiude il senso e gli obiettivi di Calanca Biennale. Calanca Biennale è un evento di arti figurative presente sia sul territorio che globalmente.

  • nel 2019 abbiamo valorizzato gli altimetri,
  • nel 2021 anno di pandemia, abbiamo lavorato virtualmente
  • nel 2023 parliamo del nostro cielo.

Calanca Biennale esporta un messaggio di fratellanza, di appartenenza al pianeta

  • nel 2019 abbiamo fatto volare 400 farfalle delle Alpi per manifestare la nostra fratellanza tra le 2 coste del Mare Nostro Mediterraneo
  • nel 2021 un coccodrillo totem spirito della Terra grida “Aiuto, sto bruciando!”
  • nel 2023 mostriamo “I colori nascosti della luna”, rinascere dopo una morte simbolica, rinascere dopo la pandemia.

Calendario Calanca Biennale 2023

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Cantine Vini Rovio
27 Maggio
La Cascata
28 Maggio
Palazzo Comacio
18 Giugno
San Bernardino
Galleria Spazio 28
29 Luglio
San Bernardino
Galleria Spazio 28
20 Agosto
2 Settembre